Looking for a reputable source to buy greek sausage - loukaniko in Twin cities area or midwest. thank you !

  • Posted by: Simetra
  • June 13, 2011


mcd2 June 13, 2011
just thought of another possibility: wisconsin is big on sausage making in butcher shops. as a matter of fact, i read a book from the library about a year ago that had found and was documenting bakeries, butchers, and cheese shops in wisconsin that were small family operated establishments-many handed down generationally. there were a lot of them-all over the state. anyway, look online for wisconsin butchers. maybe that would be a possibility.
Simetra June 13, 2011
Thanks all for the terrific suggestions !
mcd2 June 13, 2011
what about bill's imported foods on lake st, mpls or call the greek orthodox church for suggestions...
fiveandspice June 13, 2011
I think I was thinking of kramarczuks. Well if there's nothing in the cities, northern waters smokehaus in Duluth makes an awesome Greek sausage, though I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for. They do mail order, and Eric the owner may even be open to making a special sausage blend to order.
Simetra June 13, 2011
Kramarczuks does not have it nor Kowalski's. I hesitate to order it online
inpatskitchen June 13, 2011
Check the Mediterranean markets in your area..if no luck you can find it online at amazon.com or parthenonfoods.net. Cost is between $6 and $8 for about 12 ounces.
MrsKeller June 13, 2011
Fiveandspice, are you thinking of Kramarczuk’s?
fiveandspice June 13, 2011
Kowalski's might have it. Or there's a really great sausage place in the northeastish Minneapolis kitty corner to a lunds, but I can't remember what it's called!
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