Any tips for homemade seitan?

Adding flavor? Getting chewy texture? saving time? About to attempt my very first batch! The store was sold out of the good kind so this is solely out of necessity.



Anitalectric June 18, 2011
Thanks for the tip-off, susan. I did make it and it turned out great. I think I may have over-kneaded the dough a bit before simmering...I really wanted to get a chewy texture...but after I simmered the chunks in my chili and baked it into empanadas everything balanced out perfectly!

Basically the recipe I used was an improvised and embellished version of the one on the side of the Bob's Red Mill vital wheat gluten package.
susan G. June 18, 2011
For 'tips' galore, look for Cooking with the Right Side of the Brain, by Vicki Rae Chelf. It's a throwback to see how apologetic she is, but there is lots to learn there.
susan G. June 17, 2011
Did you make it? I've seen it made in a long-ago macrobiotic cooking class, but never made it myself. There was and may still be a mix from Arrowhead Mills, but if I recall correctly it was just a very high gluten whole wheat flour, so that the process of washing off the starch is less of a chore.
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