My garden is STILL producing an ungodly number of cucumbers, and I am "cuked" out for the season. Aside from fresh salads, raita and pickles, and suggestions on what to do with the rest of the bounty?



foodfighter October 13, 2010
cucumber half moons with sweet chili sauce and some rice vinegar is great.
Jon P. October 9, 2010
I'd get a bottle of Hendrick's gin and do some infusing. Great martinis await.
healthierkitchen October 8, 2010
You can use them in Chinese cooking - spicy cucumbers or in a stir fry with cut up boneless chicken thigh and cashews.
pierino October 8, 2010
We've more or left tomato season behind but cukes are an essential component of a red gazpacho served chilled.
anyone October 8, 2010
Cold cucumber soup or cucumber bread.
pauljoseph October 7, 2010
Try this recipe
betteirene October 7, 2010
Drink it.

Wonder if it would be good with tequila?
drbabs October 7, 2010
Ice cream!

Also WinnieAb has a sherbet recipe on this site if you'd prefer that.
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