What is the best method for simmering tripe?

I made Pasquino's Trippa alla Romana for Father's Day. The recipe is fairly straight forward, but the tripe never became fully tender. This may have been because the pot was not covered for the first hour I was simmering it... What does it take to make true tender tripe? Could it have been the cooking method, the tripe itself or something else...

Chris D.


Amanda H. June 20, 2011
The tripe should be completely covered with liquid, and covering the pot helps. It may have been that the cooking liquid reduced too much during that first hour.
usuba D. June 20, 2011
The only time I have cooked tripe was classical French when I was a commis at a Swiss restaurant so many years ago. I was taught to cook it for about 10 -12 hours (overnight) to get it tender. . . .lid on, in the oven.
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