bought lovely Palestinian olive oil...last year. There is some dark sediment in the bottle. Can this oil be saved?



dewdropper October 15, 2010
Atlanta Lily, aka Dewdropper here. I tasted it and it was rancid. Had to go. I partially blame myself because I left it out by the cooktop. Am sure this hastened its demise. Dymnyno, you are so right!
dymnyno October 8, 2010
Alas, unlike wine, olive oil does not get better with age! It should be used within one year of pressing...sometimes into the second...but that two depends on how the oil is stored. Don't leave it out near your stove...heat is one of oil's worst enemies.
anyone October 8, 2010
I agree. In my experience most oils only last a year before they degrade in flavor and color. I hate it when that happens. Sorry of your loss.
pierino October 8, 2010
Ditto on TiggyBee's reply. Rancidity would be my one concern. It won't poison you but it might not taste very good. If it's less than a year old it's probably okay, but it does degrade with time. As they say, "store in a cool, dark place".
TiggyBee October 8, 2010
If it's unfiltered olive oil, the sediment is natural and harmless. I'm assuming it doesn't smell or taste rancid?
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