A question for the Food52 test kitchen re: "Rainbow Chard with a Maple-Vinegar Drizzle." How did you prevent the vinegar from discoloring the chard?

When I made it, the green chard turned to a dull, rather unattractive brownish green within about 10 - 15 minutes. I used a good quality Jerez vinegar. Thanks so much. ;o)



dymnyno October 31, 2013
Sounds like you must be using industrial strength vinegar!
AntoniaJames October 31, 2013
Just a simple Jerez from the Spanish Table. Not at all sharp, in fact. . . . . The same thing happened when I squeezed lemon juice over the Food52 Genius Pot Stuck Brussels Sprouts last week. Must be something about the acid, reacting to the green leaves. ;o)
ChefJune October 29, 2013
That's interesting, AntoniaJames, because I almost always add vinegar of some kind to my greens and they don't get discolored.
Marian B. October 29, 2013
We dressed the greens just before serving when we made it, which may have prevented any visible browning in the photo. But we also didn't notice it turn brownish later on; it could have been because we cooked it down enough that it was no longer a vibrant green. Hopefully someone else will have more insight on this!
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