I've come into a windfall of chestnuts. Any ideas?



Hilarybee October 12, 2010
I'm not sure I'll be making any flour. But it could be as simple as pulverizing them in the food processor.

I've roasted some and served it in a brussel sprout and butternut squash panzanella. I'm toying with the idea of making chestnut cream.
luvcookbooks October 12, 2010
this is on the far edge of sanity, but i hope someone out there will try making roasted chestnut flour. read about it in the lost ravioli of hoboken and can't get it out of my mind. unable to travel to italy to purchase some from the mountain farm at the moment. great book by laura schenone, she has a blog, too.
betteirene October 9, 2010
How lucky you are! I'm in a suburb of Seattle. The park on the corner has a couple of trees that make beautiful very plump chestnuts of the horse variety. I wish they were edible.

If I'm using the oven for something else, I'll roast a pan full of chestnuts. Otherwise, I boil or steam them. I keep a bowl of them on the kitchen table during late fall/early winter. The only other thing I've done with them is add them to stuffing, but everyone's suggestions sound so yummy that I will probably try them.

Hilarybee October 9, 2010
betteirene, do you live in the Central US? I found my chestnuts while on a hike. It took me several hikes to re-identify the tree to ensure that it wasn't just a Buckeye. (I live in Ohio). I used this guide to help me:

I just foraged them. Nobody was looking, it was a public park. I figured it was okay.

PPS: Do not try to eat horse chestnuts or buckeyes. Not tasty.
betteirene October 8, 2010
Send some to me? Problem solved!
jwolfsthal October 8, 2010
Thanskgiving is not that far away, and one of the best dishes I have ever made is a chestnut, bread and cranberry stuffing (not in the bird of course).
anyone October 8, 2010
Being that were comming upon soup season I'm going to suggest chestnut soup. This seemed to be very popular in England around the holliday season.
AntoniaJames October 8, 2010
Jam, scented with vanilla! ;o)
ohhelloelle October 8, 2010
I think they are delicious when you roast them with brussel sprouts (if you are into that sort of thing) I love Smitten Kitchen's recipe: http://bit.ly/6C68L9
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