Haroset ingredient problem - how to replace chestnut

Making a Venetian Haroset for Passover (unsweetened chestnut puree, tree nuts, dried fruit, honey, brandy) and can't find any form of chestnut in the stores. Since there are already tree nuts, I don't need to add more of those. Thought of using sweet potatoes, which are also starchy. Reactions? Other ideas?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • March 24, 2021


Wendy March 25, 2021

Firstly, this sounds delicious, thank you for the recipe link.

Have you thought of soaking cashews, then making the paste in a food processor? Also,have you tried sourcing chestnuts at an Italian food store? You can buy vacuum packed chestnuts there and make your own paste.
Nancy March 25, 2021
Thanks for both ideas.
Cashew paste to replace chestnut - good idea!
I know about the vacuum packed chestnuts and yes we have Italian food stores here in Toronto (at one point, I don't know if still true, but we had 3rd largest urban concentration of Italians in the world).
But with the pandemic, I'm less inclined to go to more stores. Another year I will do that.
Stephanie B. March 24, 2021
What about a very dry, sweet fleshed squash like kabocha? Chestnuts are so dense and on the dry side compared to sweet potatoes. But I think sweet potato would work too in a pinch. Your Passover meal sounds delicious!
Nancy March 25, 2021
Stephanie B -
Thanks for your suggestions and reactions. I'll look for both veg in the grocery store.
In case you're interested, the Venetian or Luzzatto Family Haroset recipe is in this linked article.
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