Recipes involving popcorn?

My husband is obsessed. Would love to give him something besides just popcorn with seasoning. Prefer savory over sweet. The only way I've tried it is with ceviche. Maybe there's more applications out there. Gracias!



Rhoda June 24, 2011
Second vvvanessa's suggestion. Learned that trick while living in Africa and it's a really fast, easy dinner. The popcorn gets soggy quickly, so you may need to toss a few kernels in, fish them out, then repeat. Not ideal for company or teaching children table manners, but perfect for students, people in a hurry, and people on a budget.
SKK June 24, 2011
Here is a recipe for popcorn with kale chips
And here is a great recipe using popcorn and hemp seed and amaranth - quite good
Please share with us what you come up with!
vvvanessa June 24, 2011
it works as a substitute for croutons in soup.
Sam1148 June 24, 2011
I use it on salads. As a garnish. Especially good with creamy style dressings. Blue Cheese and Ranch.Making a table spoon of popcorn is easy. Either in the microwave or stove top.

Now, for HOT and Savory.
I do a thai style popcorn. (based on kettle chips commercial thai potato chips).

I use a product called "True Lime".
There's a product location on that link somewhere.

Using a coffee grinder..grind kosher salt to make 'popcorn salt' dust like salt.
(clean your grinder with water then grind some raw rice and baking soda in the grinder).
Flavorings for the salt to taste: True lime power, Ginger powder, Garlic and Onion Powder, Paprika, White pepper, cayenne pepper.

You can dry out lime zest and grind that with the salt to make a lime salt too---but you'll have to clean out the grinder well if you put spices/lime in the grinder; despite the buzz it can be done well with the rice method for cleaning.
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