She comments on the GF Flour Blend she uses as being Gluten Free Pantry brand. Is she using their bread and pizza dough mix? I'm not familiar with...

... a flour blend only.


Cheryl Jantzen
Recipe question for: Quinoa Pizza Dough


susan G. August 13, 2011
Cheryl, why don't you try contacting the recipe's author directly. I would think that any GF flour mix is worth trying -- Bob's, King Arthur, etc.
SKK August 13, 2011
Apologies for being so long on answering your question. I must admit this has shown up for me like a trick question. One of those "what salt isn't sea salt?" questions. Could you please ask the question again and be a little more specific? For example, 'I tried the recipe and it didn't work what to do?' Or 'I am using these ingredients what do you think?' We have a couple of amazing chefs who do gluten free on this site and I know they can support you.
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