I seem to be having a bad baking week! I just tried making the candied orange rind per the instructions on this recipe, and they came out hard a...

...s rocks, covered with sugar granules. I thought maybe it was because I'd stirred them while they were simmering. So I made another batch, this time just by simmering the peel shreds in a simple syrup. Those came out soft and gooey. I have a feeling the right texture for the tart recipe is somewhere in between. Does someone have a clue as to what I'm doing wrong? Or is one of these two actually right? Thanks so much.

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1 Comment

Crematia July 1, 2011
I make candied orange peel for christmas presents every year. You want the rind to be about 1/4 inch wide. My guess for the grainy/hard issue you're having is that they haven't cooked long enough. I usually cook mine at least an hour. They will be completely translucent when they're done correctly. No opaque white center at all. Good luck!
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