My olive oil turned a little cloudy. Is that bad? I just opened the bottle a week ago. I'll probably throw it out, since now I am paranoid and think it tastes a little off.



RavensFeast October 10, 2010
Oh no, please don't throw ; ) My favorite olive oils are unfiltered and the cloudy bottom is nothing to worry about. Of course, if it is filtered, it could be an indication of degradation, but giving it a quick sip to figure that out will not harm you. Does it indicate a harvest date? If it definitely tastes rancid, take it back to the store and ask for a new bottle. It's frustrating when stores sell EVOO (shot!) past their prime. Regardless, putting your EVOO (shot!) on the stove not a good idea. Pierino, starting to feel tipsy.
healthierkitchen October 9, 2010
Can you ask at the store? Perhaps if the think there's something wrong with it they'll replace it for you.
pierino October 8, 2010
Olive oil is surprisingly durable although its flavor degrades over time. I once made the error of leaving a bottle of good California stuff in my car trunk overnight when I was parked at a hotel and the temperatures dropped to below freezing. It thawed out okay but it certainly didn't improve on the taste. I think too, that we should introduce a drinking game here, where if anybody says "EVOO" they are required to take a shot of straight extra virgin olive oil.
nutcakes October 8, 2010
First Cold Press doesn't exclude Unfiltered as well. Is it a brand you usually buy and you are sure it was clear and now cloudy? I wouldn't panic and dump. I can't think that something would get in it to turn it, but I like to be careful too. Good idea to check tomorrow. Sometimes your mind can play tricks on your tastebuds.
dymnyno October 8, 2010
If the oil got cold , that may be the reason it is cloudy. If it tastes good, there is no problem. I make an olive oil that sometimes has particles in it. It has never been a problem...I just watch when I get to the bottom of the bottle. (and usually forget and dump that in too!)
mrslarkin October 8, 2010
Thanks, nutcakes. It says "first cold pressed" on the label. It's Italian. Nothing fancy. It was on the stove all afternoon. Pretty warm in that spot. I put it back in the pantry and I'll check it tomorrow.
nutcakes October 8, 2010
Is it unfiltered olive oil? Then that is natural. Is it in a cool area or cooler than normal in your house? It should clear when it warms a bit, that is normal.
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