Recommended recipes for something good to give new neighbors

I have some new neighbors that just moved in behind me. What should I give hem as a welcome gift that is a baked good?

  • Posted by: belen
  • June 26, 2011


belen June 28, 2011
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!
aargersi June 28, 2011
I made Dr Babs' cookies when our neighbors moved in and they said those cookies saved their lives :-)
Melusine June 28, 2011
Just to add to the suggestions -- a lemon or vanilla pound cake? Apple muffins?
drbabs June 27, 2011
Who doesn't love cookies? or brownies? Really, that's so sweet of you--anything you want to make is great.
Sam1148 June 27, 2011
A traditional gift is wine, bread, and salt in a nice basket.
boulangere June 27, 2011
Bread! A pie!
vvvanessa June 26, 2011
i like making quick breads. they're good as a snack or for breakfast, and they freeze well. and there's something just really neighborly about them.
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