Ways to use up lemon juice

I have a meyer lemon tree, and I go through the zest a lot faster than the juice. What are some good ways to use up a lot of lemon juice?



sallyglaspie June 29, 2011
Great suggestions, everyone. I'm with SKK, I freeze it in cubes. Great for lots of reasons, especially cocktails! Speaking of, we made this a few weeks ago and it was perfect for summer: http://smittenkitchen.com/2011/05/vermontucky-lemonade/

Also, I've been making a lot of popsicles lately and lemon juice always comes in handy for those. Or you could make a granita or sorbet.
Rhoda June 29, 2011
Lemon squares! Lemon pudding!
Summer O. June 29, 2011
I also freeze aging lemons after juicing them and use for French 75s!
linzarella June 29, 2011
These are all such great suggestions! That LA Times article had some really good ones. I love the idea of making Meyer lemon confit, and of sticking Meyer lemon peels into a jar of honey, perfuming the honey and candying the peel.

Also, I just remembered a favorite childhood pastime: licking sugar off halved lemons.
hardlikearmour June 29, 2011
Lemon curd, mrslarkin's lemon posset, dymnyno's lazy mary tart
AntoniaJames June 29, 2011
With a fat pinch of salt, use it to rub down your wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, etc. Send USPS flat rate boxes full of them to your friends in other time zones. (Be sure to break the stem when picking, and not pull the stem out, as the fruit will begin to degrade immediately with the latter method.) Here's an article from the L.A. Times with 100 ideas: http://www.latimes.com/features/la-fo-meyerlemons16jan16,0,5003872.story . My mother-in-law's mother had a wonderful recipe for lemon sherbet (early 20th century) that I've been meaning to get. Not sure how long it will take for me to get it. (I saw it during a family vacation, recently, but failed to copy it down!). It's a simple milk + sugar + lemon juice version. Have fun!! ;o)
Melusine June 28, 2011
Lemonade concentrate lasts forever in the fridge -- 1 cup lemon juice mixed with a heavy simple syrup (1 cup water/two cups sugar). Pour a couple of tablespoons of the syrup in the bottom of a glass, fill with sparkling water and ice -- bliss on a hot day. Not bad in champagne, either.
Sam1148 June 28, 2011
Lemon rice, cooked with beef stock.
Lemon deserts.
Make salad dressing/marinades.
boulangere June 28, 2011
I'm joining the envy line. I had a friend in Berkeley who had one also, and she said she would actually gather them from the ground and throw them away because she couldn't use them fast enough. Suggestions: (1) zest them with a fine microplane and freeze the zest pressed flat in ziplock bags. (2) juice them, and freeze the juice. (3) count yourself lucky!
shecans June 28, 2011
Never drink plain water again - slice thinly and add to a pitcher. Preserved lemons would be great too!
pierino June 28, 2011
Always good for marinades---and I love the sweetness of meyer lemons. Use it to baste roast or grilled chicken, or if you are ambitious make your own limoncello.
Monalisa555 July 14, 2022
I love your name because my late mothers name is Pierina! ❤️
SKK June 28, 2011
Freeze the lemon juice in an ice cube tray, by tablespoon or more, and then once frozen take the cubes out and put them in separate wrappings. When you need it, pop it into whatever you are making.
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I envy you... flavored lemonades of all kind... strawberry, mint, blueberry, the possibilities are endless!
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