Storing salsa verde

How far in advance can I make this? Does it keep well in the fridge or is it better the day of?



healthierkitchen June 30, 2011
Italian or Mexican? The consensus when I asked this last year was not to freeze Italian salsa verde but I did freeze some Mexican style this winter and it was fine
Gale June 29, 2011
Make it a day or two ahead but don't add the acid until right before serving and taste for salt
uws80 June 29, 2011
I make it and keep it in the fridge in a jar fr quite a while. With enough olive oil, it's a good way to keep chopped herbs around.
fiveandspice June 29, 2011
In my experience, the flavors keep a couple of days, but the color goes a little brown.
boulangere June 29, 2011
I usually make it as needed, but I have a feeling a day ahead would be fine. Maybe better. If you decide to try, please let us know how it is.
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