How long will homemade salsa last (safely) in the refridgerator?

After everyone's good ideas for my leftover jalapenos (and my pending CSA box of tomatillos today) I'd like to make some salsa verde. How long will homemade salsa verde last? Is there anything I can do to increase the length it will be viable?



meganvt01 July 19, 2012
Thanks lizarella - that is a great idea and i'll just have to make some ricotta this weekend and give it a try :)
linzarella July 19, 2012
You can make a lacto-fermented salsa verde that will probably last a lot longer in your fridge, up to a couple of weeks. And the flavor won't be that different from non-lacto-fermented salsa verde, perhaps a bit more acidic, which might not be a bad thing. Just get your hands on some whey (a few tablespoons should be enough. I think the easiest way to do it is strain some yogurt through cheesecloth. Add a bit to your salsa verde, then leave the finished product at room temperature for a couple of days before moving into the fridge.
pierino July 19, 2012
For flavor it will last at most one or two days. For food safety, a bit longer. But salsas are not one of those things that improves with a rest in refrigeration.
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