Can I freeze Roasted Tomatillo sauce (Salsa Verde) w/o Cilantro

Can I freeze Roasted Tomatillo Sauce

  • Posted by: Nan
  • August 24, 2013


Regine August 25, 2013
You may just need to revive frozen sauce with fresh cilantro.
LeBec F. August 24, 2013
You can freeze all sauces and yes you can freeze tomatillo sce. If you are talking about tomatillo SALSA, which has vinegar in it and is meant to be eaten fresh,it would taste different after it was frozen and defrosted, so you would not want to eat it raw again. I DO freeze my leftover salsas and i add them to BBQ sauce (has vinegar in it) or tomato sauce or stews where they will blend in w/ other ingredients and the vinegar won't be so noticeable. I freeze all liquids, soups, sauces.
Nan August 24, 2013
the recipe has no oil or vinegar, just a little oil from roasting
I roast tomatillo's garlic onion, then blend with little lime, cilantro s&p
tina August 24, 2013
i am guessing that you probably could freeze it although i guess it would become a bit watery once it thaws. why would you want to freeze it though? the oil and vinegar will easily preserve this sauce in the fridge for over a week and it will likely taste better after that time also.
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