Making a NYT recipe for lamb ribs, but I could only get them cut up, not in a rack. Should I cut the slow-roasting time? (They broil after.)

Here's the link to the recipe:
Thanks so much if you can help! I really don't want to ruin these, they look awesome.



Amanda H. July 4, 2011
So glad! And thanks for uploading a photo for us to see!
japanesecurry July 3, 2011
I roasted them for an hour and they turned out perfect. Yeah Foodpickle!
japanesecurry July 3, 2011
All right, sounds less intimidating now! Thank you so much!
Amanda H. July 3, 2011
Yes, I'd cut it -- probably by 30 min. I'd focus on the signs of readiness that Sam Sifton indicates (the pulling away from the bone). If that happens at 1 hour, take them out then. You could probably get them done to this point in advance so you don't gave to worry so much about time. Glaze and broil them just before serving. Seems like a pretty forgiving recipe. Also sounds delicious! Have fun.
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