elderflower liqueur

Does anyone have a recipe from which they've SUCCESSFULLY made elderflower liqueur? The elderberries are in bloom up and down the road, so I'd like to give it a try. I've seen the link to the honestfood blog, but I'd like to hear from someone else with experience. Thanks!



mainecook61 September 1, 2011
Success. The flowers in the vodka (I used the formula on the honestfood blog) did turn brown, as reported on another post. To tell the truth, I kind of forgot about it for 6 weeks. But---the liqueur tastes lovely, like flowers in brandy. It is a caramel color. Per the blog, I strained out the flowers and added about 1/3 cup sugar.
The original recipe suggested, when first adding the flowers, adding some grappa, if you had it lying about. I happened to have about 1/4 of a bottle, so between that and the vodka and the flowers, it all turned out lovely.
Panfusine July 11, 2011
someone seems to have posted this recipe on the other thread, hope this helps!
Panfusine July 11, 2011

there was an earlier pickle on this topic, maybe the food52 member who tried this earlier can suggest ideas.
SKK July 11, 2011
OK, I am now officially envious.
mainecook61 July 10, 2011
Thanks for the web site, SKK. Elderberries are still in bloom, so just might try the cordial---that is, if I can ever get a break from picking and shelling peas.
SKK July 10, 2011
http://www.jammychicken.com/2011/07/elderflower-cordial.html Just ran across this and it may be of use, or not.
SKK July 4, 2011
Mainecook61 - we need to come to Maine and learn from you! Seems we are stunted around elderflowers and/or making liquer. When you get a recipe please share it with us!
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