elderflower cordial

i just made a huge badge of elderflower cordial, so i need some recipe ideas :)



China M. May 21, 2014
People's Pops has an amazing recipe for strawberry and elderflower popsicles. Basically you make a strawberry puree, strain out the seeds, sweeten to taste with the cordial and freeze.
Sincha10 May 21, 2014
a badge or a batch? If a batch, I second the drinks options - champagne, vodka, dry gin, or even dry vermouth. If a badge, I recommend you wear it proudly.
barcelona May 21, 2014
Hahaha, damn autocorrect !
petite_oiseau May 21, 2014
Is it sweet? I think it is great in iced lavender tea or shaken with ice and gin and maybe some lemon for some acidity.

(I think it is wonderful you made your own cordial! I would love to do that but, sadly, I am not sure where to find elder flowers here in the middle of Oklahoma.)
Maedl May 21, 2014
Here is the range for Oklahoma:
barcelona May 21, 2014
Yes I made them with slices of lemon, mineola, lemon verbena and citric acide in a sugar syrup. It turned out absolutely great. Are you sure you don't have elderflowers whet you live? Maybe you should use social media and ask your friends/relatives if they know a place :)
Maedl May 21, 2014
One of my favorite flavors of spring and summer! I grew up on my grandmother's elderflower pancakes, but since coming to Germany have been delighted to see the flavor used in many different ways. One ubiquitous summer drink is the Hugo--elderflower syrup, Sekt or Prosecco, a splash of sparkling water, a slice of lime and a sprig of mint: summer in a glass. At one of my favorite monastaries, Plankstetten, which runs a large organic farm program, I ate elderflower sorbet. An elderflower gelee on top of a slab of crusty, whole grain bread is a treat too. I think you could make the sorbet and gelee from the basic syrup, although if you have the flower clusters, I'd use those. An elderflower spritz--"schorle" in these parts is perfectly simple--add syrup to taste to sparking water and garnish with lemon and strawberry slice. Finally, I have made a cocktail using the elderflower syrup (or St. Germaine), vodka, a slice of cucumber and sprig of basiL topped off with spritzy water. If any of these ideas appeal, I could probably find recipes.
barcelona May 21, 2014
Thank you for so many great ideas! The pancakes, sorbet and gelee sounds absolutely scrumptious so if you have the recipes of those :) ? The Hugo drink is already a favourite at our house, so refreshing during the summer :) .
Maedl May 21, 2014
The pancakes are easy: gather the umbrels (the saucer-sized blossoms) from a secluded area that is not polluted by cars, etc. I put the flowers into a cotton bag with a handle that I can sling over my shoulder while I gather. At home, pick over the blossoms and make sure no bugs are lurking. Do not wash the blossoms, though, because you will lose the pollen. Make your favorite pancake recipe--I use the one from Joy of Cooking. Cut most of the stem off the flower--just below the point where the stem divides into stemlets that lead to the flowers. Hold by the stem, dip into the pancake batter, and then place in a hot frying pan in which you have heated a neutral oil or butter. Fry until golden and crisp on the bottom, then flip over and fry on the other side until golden. Remove to a plate, add a bit more butter if needed as well as some honey. The gelee goes fantastically with the pancakes. These are called Hollerküchle in Bavaria and are quite beloved as a seasonal spring dish.

I wrote an article about elderflowers several years ago--I will see if I can find the link because the story behind elder is truly interesting. I will also look for the gelee and sorbet recipes. Let me know if you can read German-otherwise, I will translate them.
Maedl May 21, 2014
I found the link:
barcelona May 21, 2014
Thank you sooo much! The pancakes look such a good idea, I am certainty going to try them. And yes I can read German , I live in Belgium so we speak 3 languages + English.
Maedl May 21, 2014
I found another cocktail, so I have included that, a recipe for te gelee, and a link to a recipe for sorbet. I was amazed at how much I found about elderflowers by googling "Holunder Rezepte" and "elderflower recipes"!

Corsican Cocktail

13 ounces Lillet Blanc, chilled
7 ounces limoncello, chilled
3 1/2 ounces elderflower syrup
1 3/4 ounces freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 (10-ounce) bottle club soda, chilled
6 lemon twists (optional)
Combine the Lillet, limoncello, elderflower syrup, and lemon juice in a large measuring cup or medium bowl. Using a funnel, transfer to a 3-cup-capacity bottle (or 750-milliliter bottle) with a tightfitting lid and refrigerate for up to 8 hours.
When ready to serve, pour about 4 ounces of the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass and top with about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 ounces of the club soda. Garnish with a lemon twist, if desired, and serve. (Alternatively, you can combine all of the ingredients except the lemon twists in a 5-cup punch bowl and serve immediately.)

Holunderblütengelee mit Apfelsaft

15 Stk. Holunderblütendolden
0.75 Liter Apfelsaft
1 kg Gelierzucker 1:1

Rezept Zubereitung
Die Blütendolden in einen Gefäß mit Apfelsaft übergießen . Darauf achten , dass die Stielenden nicht mit Saft bedeckt sind .
Zugedeckt einen Tag ziehen lassen . ( 24 Stunden )
Dann die Dolden entnehmen . Den Saft mit Gelierzucker mischen , aufkochen und 4 Minuten sprudelnd weiterkochen lassen .
Heiß in vorbereitete Gläser füllen und sofort verschließen .
Tipp : Bündelt mehrere Dolden , dann lassen sie sich besser handhaben . Und den Saft noch einmal Sieben damit die Blüten nicht im Saft sind .

Link for a elderflower sorbet: http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/657057
barcelona May 21, 2014
Yes yes you are my saving angel !! The gelee with apple juice sounds out of this world :) ! I will give you all the credit ;) !! Mhmmm, I feel a cocktail moment coming up!
Maedl May 21, 2014
Oh, dear, I don't know where the formatting went in that post, but it didn't look like that when I typed it in. Sorry!
Maedl May 21, 2014
You make me grin! I'm planning on my first Hugo this weekend. The Corsican sounds good too. I love Lillet and just happen to have some on hand.

I used an organic, unfiltered apple juice for the gelee--it wasn't clear, but the flavor more than made up for it.
barcelona May 21, 2014
Always organic, the stuff from the supermarket is just rancid! :) you will love the Hugo. Use a good prosecco and you will be heaven ;)
kimhw May 20, 2014
I use it in place of triple sec in white sangria. Or a few drops in a champagne cocktail.
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