Can broccoli be made into "rice" like cauliflower is?

I've made cauliflower rice a couple of times and really like it. I'm wondering if broccoli could be used for the same application. Has anyone tried this? If so, how did it turn out?

Cheryl B K


QueenSashy May 21, 2016
I tried a couple of times, and the tops turned to dust. It somewhat worked with stalks, but they were not so couscous like in terms of texture, like shredded cauliflower is, I would say they looked more like bulgur :) Also, I was not really big on flavor, I like them better shredded or shaved in a salad.
Cheryl B. May 21, 2016
Thanks -- I think I'll give it a try using a knife instead of the food processor for the florets and maybe keep them in very small clumps, which already sounds a bit time consuming. But, in the name of experimentation and curiosity, I will soldier on! :-)
Susan W. May 21, 2016
Be sure to report back with your results.
Susan W. May 21, 2016
The only issue I see is that the tops of the broccoli will break into such tiny pieces. The stems will be more in line with cauliflower pieces. It's worth a try.
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