looking for a savory application for very strong ginger simple syrup, any ideas?



Manolocooks July 9, 2011
Thanks Eliza_z for the orange-ginger marinade Idea, I was debating how to dilute simple syrup. Also the Asian marinades sound good. I bought an entire piece of ginger when making a Thai dish and decided to juice the extra. Made a simple syrup and added juice to steep until cool.
susan G. July 8, 2011
My previous question is directed at manolocooks, because it is tagged 'juicer madness' --does this mean the ginger was put through an electric juicer?
@Sam1148 -- great graphic!
Bevi July 8, 2011
How about using the syrup in a classic Carrotte a la Vichy recipe to sub out the sugar?
Sam1148 July 8, 2011
I've used it in both in terriyaki sauce and in thai salad dressings.

For yakitori. Line up some slices (boneless breast slices thin) Like this:
[[[[[[ put in green onions between the slices like this ]|]|]|]|]
Skewer with two skewers like this. =]|]|]|]|]=

Coat with the yakitori sauce and grill or boil.
eliza_z July 8, 2011
i agree with the marinade idea - i love ginger on fish especially. one of my favorite combos was a ginger and orange salmon marinade. i've always used just grated ginger, i don't know how strong your syrup is but diluting it with olive oil for a marinade or sauce would probably work out.

if you're looking to use more, just add some to whatever you're drinking. ginger lemonade, ginger +seltzer, ginger vodka tonic ... endless possibilities!
Susan g, if you are replying to me, in all honesty I was just brainstorming and providing some thoughts. I think it would work great in a spicy sweet teriyaki like sauce made with the above ingredients since teriyaki sauce normally calls for sugar, you can replace the sugar with your simple syrup while providing a nice ginger kick.

Here are a few recipes that I make on a regular basis for my husband that comes to mind that I would replace the sugar and/or ginger with your simple syrup.


Hope this helps!
susan G. July 8, 2011
You made this with juiced ginger? Could you give more info?
Just a thought and probably a bit typical, but possibly in some sort of asian dressing to either be used to pour over and dress your food or to be used as a sauce in cooking. I say balance it with your common asian sauce ingredients such as soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, unseasoned rice vinegar, salt, maybe some lime, and chili peppers or chili sauce.
wssmom July 8, 2011

Great use for ginger syrup ....
beyondcelery July 8, 2011
I bet it'd be great used in a meat marinade--say, for pork chops. Or a drizzle added to a salad dressing.
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