A question about a recipe: Prosciutto, Nectarine and Fontina Panini on Rosemary Focaccia

What is the calorie count on this, please?



DianaBrown July 11, 2011
Understood Cookbook chick - and I do agree as I am not a nutritionist either. Just trying to make the best food choices for me and my family.
cookbookchick July 11, 2011
While I do understand your concern, DianaBrown, we hope you will understand that Food52 is a community of home cooks, not nutritionists. We are posting recipes to share with one another. I doubt you would expect your neighbor or friend to provide nutritional information along with a treasured recipe that you requested. Perhaps this site just isn't what you need. There are certainly lots of others to choose from!
DianaBrown July 11, 2011
Im just stating, I need help, good help, to give me all the imporatant information on food for my family I can find. Everyone needs this information. Its the reason you find the information on packages of food we all buy in stores. Its how I choose to provide the best food choices for my family. Its not a demand - its a request - and it was urgent since I am planning this weeks food choices NOW so I can buy what I need. Isint everyone learning this information is of value for their family?
Panfusine July 11, 2011
Agree with Mrs Keller, that was a rather strongly worded admonition to everyone who enthusiastically participates in food52, especially after tagging your query as 'urgent'. we share our inputs on this site and make it a wonderful learning experience for everyone. and its really not appreciated when you ask food52 for help & then demand that it be just the way you like it.
DianaBrown July 11, 2011
thanks latoscana & panfusine, all the recipes look fantastic, I agree. The thing is I decide what goes on my table based upon a total calorie intake for the day for our family. I dont have time to register and calculate so I default to sites and recipes that are responsible and quote the calories right along with the ingredients in the recipe. I also feel that its a responsible action and I like to support sites that consider nutrition and calories important components of our choices. Hopefully you do too. I think Ill pass on the recipes reflected here.
MrsKeller July 11, 2011
Since these recipes are submitted by users, it is not the WEBSITE's responsibility to provide nutritional analysis anymore than it is McDonald's duty to tell you what to eat.

We all need to take personal responsibility for our own diet.

latoscana July 11, 2011
There are several calorie counters out there - you might have to register to use. Since the recipe provides ingredients and quantities, it should be pretty simple to calculate the number. A guesstimate is 400-500. Not lo cal but looks great.
DianaBrown July 11, 2011
I think I need to see what the calorie count is for every recipe you put on this site. It is only responsible to give all of us some idea of what these recipes mean to our daily consumption. Its not OK to put non-information out there. Give us the count with the ingredient information!
Panfusine July 11, 2011
i remember recipezaar.com used to have a calculator for figuring out the calories of a recipe based on user input, but you can try this site out. hope this helps!
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