Would these be good made in miniature, without the buns, for an appetizer or starter course?

Mary Kay


Amanda H. July 30, 2011
Ugh! So sorry for the spam. Tracking it down now.
boulangere July 29, 2011
Oh yeah, appetizer sliders sound fantastic! I'm on a shrimp kick these days.
EmilyC July 29, 2011
Ohhh...I like the way you think, Rhonda! And little slider buns are much easier to come by these days...
Rhonda35 July 29, 2011
I think they'd be great on little buns as "shrimp sliders" for hors d'oeuvres!
EmilyC July 11, 2011
Mary Kay, yes to all of the above! They'd work well as small patties for a starter, and no need for buns. Enjoy!
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