I want to make this salad but I need to avoid using buttermilk because of lactose intolerance (yogurt is fine). I know leaving out the buttermi...

...lk changes the essence of the salad, but is there a substitute you would recommend? Do you think I could just increase the amounts of vinegar and yogurt?


  • Posted by: MaggieL
  • July 12, 2011


creamtea July 12, 2011
you're so welcome, send over some of that fresh dill :) We're having a heatwave, I may also end up making it tonight...
MaggieL July 12, 2011
Thanks, creamtea! I can't wait to try it. I just started growing dill so I'm excited for ways to use it.
creamtea July 12, 2011
Hi Zoem, I contributed the recipe. I have a daughter w/lactose intolerance. Before adding the lemon, I would taste first. I might leave out the vinegar altogether and use only the lemon juice and perhaps some zest as well for a different taste. As a lemonholic,(we had a tree in our backyard) I seem to add lemon to almost everything except when there is vinegar involved, since it seems to bring out an off flavor when they are combined. So I left it out of this recipe. In any case, you'll want to balance the tangy w/ a bit of salt if it gets too tart. In the end, it is a recipe you can easily play around with.
MaggieL July 12, 2011
Thanks, phyllis! I'll try that.
phyllis July 12, 2011
I would, of course, omit the buttermilk and add a squeeze of lemon. There's probably enough dressing that you don't need more yogurt, but I'd taste to see if it might need more vinegar--the buttermilk is tangy. The lemon will add the tang and a burst of freshness but you may need a bit more vinegar. I think tasting is the key here.
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