Q. what kinds of cheese would you recommend for a picnic. Not too stinky and goes will with a nice pino



Kayb October 12, 2010
Aged gouda, with honey.
luvcookbooks October 12, 2010
Aged gouda is delicious, be sure you pack a Swiss army knife. Agree with the manchego, great with fruit and/or quince paste. Cheddar is my favorite outdoor cheese (I'm from Wisconsin... you can get great cheddar from Mars Cheese Castle on the web once the weather cools down). Muenster. Fontina. St. Andre with fruit. Fresh mozzarella with a cold pack to keep it from getting icky. I guess I'm not a good narrow it down to one or two person.
betteirene October 12, 2010
Noir, blanc, gris/grigio?

anyone October 11, 2010
You have some great suggestions here but I believe you said not too stinky so I thought I would share with you the not so stinky cheeses we pair with our Oregon Pinot Noir. Camembert, Canadian Chedder, Smoked chedder, Brie, Herbed Brie Smoked Brie, and Gouda. Those are my picnic "not too Stinky" cheeses for Oregon Pinot Noir. Have fun and enjoy!
Bevi October 11, 2010
aargersi October 11, 2010
I would ask Sasha - she has never steered me wrong on wine pairings!!! spinthebottleny.com
Sadassa_Ulna October 11, 2010
Manchego is mild and sturdy and would be great with pinot noir!
pierino October 11, 2010
Wait, you are talking to the original "stinky cheese man" here. Smellier the better. But if you are comfortable with runny cheese I'd suggest Cowgirl Creamery's "Red Hawk". Or a French "epoisses" style, washed rind cheese. I admit to being more of a cheese guy than a wine guy. Remember that cheese is a living (and dying) organism so use it quickly.
dymnyno October 11, 2010
My favorite cheese to pair with wine is a big chunk of parmesan..travels well...not stinky...and doesn't overpower the wine. A good cheesemonger will steer you to the best kind of parmesan (and don't let him sell you a big stinky blue cheese!)
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