Almond polenta cake

Just got this note from a friend: "I'm looking for a recipe for an Almond Polenta Cake, not too sweet. Does this ring a bell? Or do you have a good recipe for something of the sort?" Anyone have any specific recipe suggestions?

Merrill Stubbs


Merrill S. July 14, 2011
MrsKeller: As a co-founder and editor of the site, I do indeed have the appropriate editorial capabilities. Thanks for your request -- we will keep it in mind. For now, you can always correct any typos by simply adding another response to a thread.
MrsKeller July 14, 2011
Merrill, you must have special editing powers to be able to change NOT to NOTE; big difference in meaning!

I wish everyone would have that capability. Many sites give posters a 5 or 10 minute window to make corrections. Any chance of that happening here?

Thanks for listening!
Merrill S. July 14, 2011
MrsKeller: I believe it was a NOTE, yes.

Thanks, everyone, for the help!
MrsKeller July 14, 2011
Hi Merrill,

Did you by any chance get a NOTE from a friend about this?
Droplet July 14, 2011
1 orange, 3 limes, 3 eggs, 3 Tbsp light olive oil, 1/4 cup yogurt,1 cup sugar, 1 1/2 c almond meal, 1 1/2 c semolina or polenta, 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
based on this one:
nogaga July 14, 2011
There must be a million recipes for this, but here is a nice and simple Nigela Lawson version I have enjoyed.
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