Increasing a cake recipe

I am making a Nigella Lawson lemon/polenta/almond cake that calls for a 9" springform pan. I want to feed a few more people so I was going to switch to a 10" springform. Should I increase the recipe by ½ more or by 1/3 more? The recipe has 3 eggs in it so I thought it would be easier to increase it by a third.

  • Posted by: Inko
  • November 25, 2013


Inko November 26, 2013
Thanks for the precise answer.
boulangere November 26, 2013
The volume of a 10" cake pan is 24% greater than than of a 9" pan, so let that be your guide to increasing the recipe. A 20% increase would probably be safest.
Inko November 26, 2013
That is an amazing and somewhat overwhelming website. I found the chart and it should be handy for many baking questions. Thanks. So many people asked questions about baking a Madeira Cake - now I'm curious about that!
rt21 November 26, 2013
Check out and look at the chart it will tell you how much batter you need for the bigger pan
Merrill S. November 25, 2013
I'd go with 1/3 -- and you may have a little extra batter leftover!
Inko November 25, 2013
Thanks! I'll do it.
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