Does anyone have a good recipe for olive salad , as used on Louisiana Muffalatta sandwiches ?

  • Posted by: CHeeb
  • July 15, 2011


chefjason July 16, 2011
Why make it? I get Boscoli olive salad from the store and it's awesome!
ibbeachnana July 16, 2011
Roasted red peppers in brine, drained and pimentoes. I use nothing but olive oil. As Chiqui says, it will last months if you can keep it around that long.
inpatskitchen July 15, 2011
Yes.. the red in my picture are pimientos from the stuffed olives. I don't use corn oil and don't have a problem with solidification. Should keep in the fridge for quite a few days, but my batch doesn't last that long around here.
CHeeb July 15, 2011
Thanks fellow muff lovers. This is exactly what I wanted. How long have you been able to keep this refrigerated ? I'm guessing the corn oil helps keep the olive oil from solidifying in the frig. Am I right ? Each of your pictures has an ingredient that is red...pimentos ?? Thanks again for the amazing quick response of the food52 family.I love this
inpatskitchen July 15, 2011
Here's the one that I make for our muffalettas
ibbeachnana July 15, 2011
Oops forgot to attach the phots of the batch I have in the refrigerator.
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ibbeachnana July 15, 2011
I do and it makes a lot. Look here, I can vouch for this one. Chiqui is a fantastic lady.
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