Has anyone tried the emile-henry pizza stone on the BBQ?

Just grilled my first pizza on the bbq with a pampered chef pizza stone. It Cracked.! Although temperature was over 700 degrees. It may of held up if I warmed my metal peel before touching the stone. Introducing cold metal peel onto hot, hot, hot...not a good idea! Thinking of trying the emile-Henry.
Does anyone have suggestions?



Nora July 21, 2011
We have a pizza stone from another company and have used it on our gas grill. Only complaint: it keeps the heat from circulating enough to brown things as much as I'd like. Otherwise, it works well. We do use a peel.

Gale July 21, 2011
I have used the EH pizza stone for the last year on a covered grill or in the oven and never had a problem. I do preheat it before putting the pizza ( calzone or whatever) since I do think the result is more what I want - thin and really crisp. Have tried it both ways and prefer the preheating. Easy to remove with a peel since the handles aren't really in the way. It's a very forgiving item that does what it says it will - and how often can we say that?
sdebrango July 21, 2011
I also have the lodge cast iron I have not tried the emile henry I own many other emile henry pieces and love them but my lodge goes on the grill outside and does equally as well in the oven. I have two of them I use them all the time. A very good product.
pierino July 21, 2011
I do have an Emile Henry pizza stone (and some other Flame pieces as well). So far I've only used it in the oven. Sticking it over a 700 degree flame seems like an expensive and risky experiment but I'd be delighted to know if it works out because to make a real pizza you do need that super high heat.
PIIHA July 20, 2011
I just got a Lodge Cast Iron 14inch "Pizza Pan" and it works great both in the oven and on the grill. Not only for pizza, but also for making "Smashed" style hamburgers. It's even pre-seasoned. I got mine from Amazon for $32 w/ free shipping.
Emile H. July 20, 2011
Hello, I work for Emile Henry so hopefully can point you in the direction of some more information on the Pizza Stone. The Flame® technology used in the pizza stone means it is designed to withstand high temperatures and the Pizza Stone is purposely manufactured to be used on a naked flame, on the BBQ and in the oven for all-year round use. It’s endured various strength and heat tests throughout its development, so it won't crack. These YouTube links should give you a bit more info on the stone and its resistance to thermal shock.


Please feel free to ask if you require any more information or visit our site at. www.emilehenry.co.uk. Best, Peter at Emile Henry UK.

Sam1148 July 16, 2011
I'd like to hear from people that have one. They have handles that are raised a bit around the edges---which I would think would make using a peel difficult.
lastnightsdinner July 16, 2011
I have not but I just ordered one today! I'll try to report back once it arrives and we've tested it out.
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