Are the editor's picks always posted at the same time?

  • Posted by: NWB
  • July 21, 2011


Amanda H. July 22, 2011
Apologies for the spam -- working to track it down now.
NWB July 22, 2011
Thanks everyone! Of course I was out and missed yesterday's picks, but I will mark my calendar for next Thursday afternoon.
Helen's A. July 21, 2011
They're up now. On your mark, get set....GO!
hardlikearmour July 21, 2011
If you keep your eye on the "top picks" portion of the activity log you will start to see the current week's EPs showing up at some point mid-day. They usually post the EP & EPC recipes shortly thereafter.
sdebrango July 21, 2011
Never knew that interesting observation panfusine, btw love the picture, so cute!
Panfusine July 21, 2011
observation: each time you go back to editing your post, the 'like' ticker also gets activated saying you liked this answer..
sdebrango July 21, 2011
I usually have few recipes in mind that I want to test so I watch the clock!
Panfusine July 21, 2011
The probability of the posting kinda peaks between 1.30 & 2.30 p.m thursdays..I usually stayed glued waiting to pounce on the vegetarian ones.. The latest one to be posted does not fall into the category!
Helen's A. July 21, 2011
sdebrango - I think you're right. Mid afternoon on Thursdays (east coast US).

We've probably jinxed the system by posting this, LOL. Call to test will probably come out at 8 pm EST!
sdebrango July 21, 2011
t usually is around the same time EST I think around 2pm or 3PM. I would start checking at 2
NWB July 21, 2011
I mean the call to test. I often miss the chance to test any of the recipes because I look at food52 an hour after the picks have been posted.
Helen's A. July 21, 2011
Do you mean the final Editor's Picks or the call to test the candidates?
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