Piglet Community Picks Reviews?

Every year I am frustrated by how hard it is to find Piglet information on your website. Here’s what you wrote in December, Food52: “We'll take a look at all of 'em and start posting one review a week, from early January until tournament time in March.“ Where/how can I find them??



BerryBaby February 19, 2019
What is The Piglet? There isn't an explanation that I can find anywhere.
Brinda A. February 19, 2019
Hi BerryBaby, the Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks is our annual NCAA-style competition of the 16 most notable cookbooks of each year. In a series of 4 nail-biting rounds, a group of esteemed judges whittles down those 16 books to 1 final winner, by reading through and cooking from the books and writing up judgments on their experiences. You can read more about how it works here: https://food52.com/blog/21654-the-piglet-2018-how-it-works and stay tuned for the 2019 edition here: https://food52.com/the-piglet —it begins in just a few weeks!
cranberry February 18, 2019
I agree with cookbookchick about how hard it is to find piglet content every year and can't understand why it is that way, year after year.
Nancy February 18, 2019
Me three.
Brinda A. February 19, 2019
Hi cranberry and Nancy, Piglet information always lives on this page, where you can see content from tournaments past: https://food52.com/the-piglet. We're currently gearing up for the 2019 tournament, so that page will soon reflect this year's competition, which begins in early March! Thanks so much for reading.
cranberry February 21, 2019
Thanks Brinda - I get that there is a link for the piglet but I'd like to see it on one of the menus, perhaps under contests or something. I don't plan to circle back to this post to find the link every time I want to see what's up with the piglet. Food52 should be making it easier to find using standard navigation of the site.
Brinda A. March 5, 2019
Thanks so much for the feedback, cranberry. We do place the Piglet in the homepage navigation bar for the duration of the tournament (the month of march). And the updated page for 2019 is here: https://food52.com/the-piglet/2019

Please let me know if any questions, and thanks!
Brinda A. February 18, 2019
Hi cookbookchick! We’ve been posting Piglet Community Picks reviews each week since January of this year, and you can view them all over at this page: https://food52.com/tags/the-piglet. There are still a few more to come until the tournament begins in March, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!
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