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What is the best way to find the contest editors picks. I seem to have a hard time finding the list and I would love to participate in making and reporting on the recipes.



susan G. July 28, 2011
ibbeachnana -- I was in the same boat, then found that if I went to my profile, edit, indicate that you want email notification. I had thought I didn't want to be on yet another email list, but do yourself a favor, do it. I believe there was a FP question like this a while ago, where some people were not getting the emails, due to a server issue, and gmail was recommended at a better choice in that situation.
ibbeachnana July 28, 2011
Thanks everyone, no wonder I miss it. Dare I ask if there is a way to be notified of comments made on recipes that I have submitted? I have missed several comments in the past.
totalnoms July 28, 2011
Hey all- they're up for this week! Go grab a recipe!
Kitchen B. July 28, 2011
But people in Europe (like me) are often amongst the first to see the list cause it is usually late evening fore me, fresh from work, after dinner and almost 'madly' checking, and refreshing to see the list......
Greenstuff July 28, 2011
Oh no, sdebrango's right--it's more like late afternoon East Coast time. But always on Thursday--I remember last Thanksgiving being amazed at how many people were ready to click.
Greenstuff July 28, 2011
As near as I can tell, the people who regularly test for EPs stay at their computers around noon EST on Thursdays, repeatedly refreshing, and then type as quickly as they can to get a recipe. I think of it as a feeding frenzy!! Exhilarating if you can do it..
sdebrango July 28, 2011
They will post it sometime soon. Usually its in the late afternoon.
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