A question about a recipe: Zucchini Pancakes

I have a question about step 1 on the recipe "Zucchini Pancakes" from dagny. It says:

"Grate your zucchini and potato using the largest hole on your grater. Let stand in a colander for at least 30 minutes to drain. They will hold together better when you drain out maximum moisture. Salt generously."

I'm wondering if I could salt the grated zucchini to draw out excess moisture, and let it stand for 10 minutes or so, then add the grated potato. Would this shortcut work? I'd still follow the step of squeezing the grated zucchini / potato together together in a towel.

  • Posted by: EmilyC
  • July 23, 2011
Zucchini Pancakes
Recipe question for: Zucchini Pancakes


EmilyC July 23, 2011
I'll give it a shot! Thanks Merrill!
Merrill S. July 23, 2011
Sorry, I didn't read the original instructions carefully enough before I answered. Salting both the potatoes and zucchini before putting them in the colander would probably speed up the draining process a little -- it's worth a shot!
EmilyC July 23, 2011
Sorry, submitted my last question too fast...guess the question is, can potatoes be salted like zucchini to draw excess moisture out? I've only done this step for zucchinis and eggplants, never potatoes. I interpret the recipe instructions to mean that the colander step with the 30 minute rest comes first, then the salting. Or am I misreading this? Thanks again, looking forward to making them this weekend!
EmilyC July 23, 2011
Thanks! To clarify, then, should I pre salt both the zucchini and potato, or just let both stand in the colander before salting?
Merrill S. July 23, 2011
The salt is what really draws out the moisture, so if you add the potatoes later and then just wring everything out, you won't release as much of the liquid from the potatoes -- and your pancakes probably won't be as crisp! (Sorry for the buzzkill.)
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