A question about a recipe: Zucchini Pancakes

I have a question about step 2 on the recipe "Zucchini Pancakes" from dagny. It says:

"In a bowl, beat egg, chopped parsley, and lemon zest. Add pinch of salt and pepper to taste." No flour? Also, how do you stop a grater-cut bleed?

  • Posted by: svz
  • July 24, 2011
Zucchini Pancakes
Recipe question for: Zucchini Pancakes


svz July 24, 2011
Thank you -- my zucchini were drained for a couple hours and produced lots of liquid but they were still too wet to stay together. I need practice! As for the bandaid, thanks -- a stiptic pencil worked after an hour or so of heavy pressure. I'm still learning!
SKK July 24, 2011
The zucchini, potato and egg are the binder. Regarding first aid - band-aid?
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