Is it healthy to eat hamburgers

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cmm July 26, 2011
No, you shouldn't pretend that hamburgers are healthy. I think the only debate is how unhealthy and if you become emotionally unhealthy by limiting yourself at all. This is a food blog so I guess its more about indulgence than health. Eating homecooked food is good for your life and happiness and may cut down on chemicals, preservatives and sodium, but it doesn't give you a free pass. If you think indulging once and a while makes you feel healthy in other ways than that's your choice, but ground up meat on bread isn't health food.
boulangere July 26, 2011
aagersi's advice is spot on. If you're eating a constant diet of them, then no. If they're coming from fast food sources, no. Too much of anything is too much. But a dinner of something great is wonderful! Please don't punish yourself via food!
Sam1148 July 25, 2011
You can make turkey burgers. Those are great with a Asian/Thai touch.

A little fish sauce, lime juice in the burger. Topped with a slaw dressed with lime juice and olive oil, some quick pickle cucumber slices, siraricha sauce and wassbi mayo.

I use toasted english muffins for the buns and make the burger patties that size.
SKK July 25, 2011
aargersi said it beautifully!
aargersi July 25, 2011
There are a whole slew of variables to consider before anyone can answer this - meat - what kind? Grassfed? Fat content? White or wheat? What about cheese? If you select good quality ingredients, consider your personal health status, make some thoughtful choices then yes, it can be. I wouldn't eat one every single day probably though.
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