I was supposed to use some chicken within 48 hours. It's been about 55, give or take--normally not a big concern. But it's been marinating in wing sauce for a day and a half, and the outside has done that partially-cooked thing like with seafood and citrus (does that make sense)? I'm not usually paranoid about this stuff, but I'm pregnant, so I want to be sure. It's simmering now, and I plan on cooking it a while.



dymnyno October 13, 2010
I agree with Dr Babs about if in doubt.... But, If your fridge is very cold and the chicken smells ok and if the chicken doesn't have that slimy feel when bacteria is breaking it down, I might use it....or really make my dogs happy.
anyone October 13, 2010
I can't tell you all how pleased I am to see the thought of safe handling of food here. drbabs has it so right!
Christina W. October 12, 2010
I agree with drbrabs and mrslarkin...when in doubt. But to add to the sentiment, it's not worth the stress you might cause yourself worrying about whether you've poisoned yourself!

Toss it and give thanks that we're able to have enough food to be able to sometimes throw some of it away.
mrslarkin October 12, 2010
I don't really know if an extra 7 hours in the fridge would put your chicken in the danger zone. I agree with drbabs, when in doubt, throw the sucker out.
drbabs October 12, 2010
To me, this is one of those questions that can only be answered: if in doubt, throw it out. Even if you can cook it long and hot enough to get rid of bacteria, you can't get rid of the toxins they produce. Why take chances?
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