Editors' Picks for Best Root Vegetable Side Dish?

I found the community-tested editors' picks, but are you also planning to post recipes tested and photographed by the FOOD52 team? I would totally understand if the answer is no, given how busy you've been with the site launch, but want to make sure I don't miss them! Thank you.

  • Posted by: EmilyC
  • October 17, 2011


cookinginvictoria October 17, 2011
I guess comments are to come. This post can also be seen on the contest page (left hand side). :)
cookinginvictoria October 17, 2011
Emily, did I post the right link? It looks like these are the recipes that were photographed by FOOD52, but alas there are no tester comments. Perhaps you've already seen this?
hardlikearmour October 17, 2011
I just checked, and the photos are up.
EmilyC October 17, 2011
No, I hadn't seen these -- thanks cookinginvictoria!
hardlikearmour October 17, 2011
I think the plan is to post them sometime this week. I'm looking forward to seeing them, too!
cookinginvictoria October 17, 2011
Hi Emily, Go here for the community-tested EPs for Root Vegs. http://www.food52.com/blog/2613_communitytested_editors_picks_root_vegetable_side. Looks like your sweet potato dish made the cut! Congrats!!
SKK October 17, 2011
I went to the link posted, civ, and it was about baguettes. Where can I find the EP's again?
EmilyC October 17, 2011
Hi SKK -- you can find them by going here: http://www.food52.com/contests. They're posted about half-way down on the page.
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