I want to serve this delicious cake to a group of twelve friends next week. What size baking dish (I'm thinking rectangular) would you use and h...

...ow long would you bake it? Thanks

Late Summer Plum Cake
Recipe question for: Late Summer Plum Cake


Amanda H. July 30, 2011
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JSCooks July 29, 2011
I'm afraid I haven't made it in a size 1.5, but I am delighted you are keeping that cake going and growing! But let me see if I can help. A 9x2 inch round pan holds 8 cups, according to the fantastic Food Substitutions Bible. That means you need a pan holding about 12 cups to increase it by 50%. Choices handling that volume, according to the same book, are a 10x2.5 inch springform, 10x3.5 inch bundt (don't think this one is right for a bundt, however), or 13x9x2 inch rectangular pan. Bingo! Though it's not as elegant as a round, that sounds like the perfect choice. Or alternatively, the 10-inch springform should work out fine. My guess is that the rectangular cake will bake in about the same time at the same temp. For the 10-inch springform, since the batter will be deeper I would lower the temp by 25 degrees and give in an extra 15 min or so before you begin checking. Very well might take even longer. Happy baking!
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