I bought buttermilk on sale and froze some. I thawed it today, but it looks like it separated or something. Did I mess up?

When I poured the milk out, it had little sedimenty things in it. This seems bad, but am I hoping this is an overreaction on my part... oy. Smells ok.

Can I bake with this stuff? I was planning to make pancakes and muffins this weekend!

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Well, I made the muffins and the pancakes. I shook the heck out of the buttermilk before using it, but it still had those little flaky things. Used it anyway. Not sure if it was me, the recipes, or the buttermilk, but neither the muffins nor the pancakes were very yummy. Sigh.
Will look into the powdered stuff for next time...
Thanks for your responses.
Sam1148 July 30, 2011
Buttermilk is difficult to keep on hand. Somehow, they tend to sell it in larger quantities than I need. I just need a pint or so. Not a quart.

If you look in the baking section you can find dried powdered buttermilk powder to use for baking. It has the same acid ratio you need for baked goods.
boulangere July 29, 2011
And you can absolutely plan to make what you've planned for the weekend!
boulangere July 29, 2011
Yes, it did separate. But the good news is that buttermilk is very forgiving. Pour it back into the carton and give it a good shake. Proceed from there.
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