Where is my broiler located in my oven?



Merrill S. August 1, 2011
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RobertaJ August 1, 2011
@ChefJune, not necessarily. My gas range has the broiler unit in the top of the oven cavity, and on the "bake" setting, the flame is on the bottom. I think only the really older gas models had a separate broiler drawer.
pierino July 31, 2011
Have you tried cranking it up to its highest setting and then sticking your head inside? Here's something I learned from recently purchasing a new gas range; broiler pans are no longer standard equipment. They have to be purchased separately even from the top appliance makers.
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 31, 2011
Look at your owner's manual.
SKK July 31, 2011
Turn your stove setting onto broil and feel where the most heat is coming from.
ChefJune July 31, 2011
Depends whether your oven is gas or electric. If electric, it's most likely the way hla described above. If it's a gas burner, likely there's a separate unit either above or below your oven.
hardlikearmour July 31, 2011
Most ovens have a broiler burner on the "ceiling" of the oven and a baking burner on the "floor" of the oven.
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