What temp do you put your oven on to bake a cheesecake?



lorigoldsby August 1, 2011
There was a really good food pickle thread about cheesecakes in the middle of may. I remember because it was my birthday and I was "Foodpickler of the week" to reiterate Boulangere...325, water bath, don't peek and open oven. During prep...real cream cheese--low fat will always crack, all ingredients at room temp before mixing, mix on low speed and completely incorporate each egg before adding another. Run a knife around edge after baking so it doesn't crack when u "unhinge" it. Good luck!
sarabclever August 1, 2011
From my experience doing the same with bread pudding: make sure you put hot water in the water bath (i.e. don't think "oh, the oven will eventually heat up the water"--that may be true, but in the interim your bread pudding -- and presumably, in this case cheesecake -- will never bake!) I get a little nervous about hot water spills with the hot water bath but just be careful and wear mitts!
boulangere August 1, 2011
I set it for 325 degrees, and bake it in a hot water bath.
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