How do you cook marrow ?



Esther P. August 4, 2011
If it's summer squash, then stuffed with some good strong flavours is the best way to go.... They're pretty bland, IMO better picked as a courgette and eaten that way! However, either slice your marrow in half, or if it's a really big one, slice into rounds, take out the seeds, and fill with anything you like.... Ground meat or a breadcrumb base, with small cut veggies, just make sure you put p,entry of flavour in! I quite like a lamby moroccan affair in the middle, then shove it in the oven. But seriously, pick them before they become marrows! If you have a lot of marrow, then I heartily recommend marrow and ginger jam - the marrow acts as a fairly bland bulk so the jam/preserve has a great ginger kick!
spudder1996 August 3, 2011
Summer Squash
pierino August 3, 2011
I assume we're talking about beef or veal bone marrow but possibly you are using the UK term for a summer squash. Marrow bones can be roasted in the oven and served with a persillade (parsely and garlic) and it's great if you have the little marrow spoons too in order to scoop out the delicious goo.
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