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How does one make Fresh pasta w/o eggs? Could anyone give me some pointers please? Thanks much!

Just acquired a pasta making apparatus, but the instructions inside only refer to pasta with eggs included..

asked by Panfusine over 5 years ago
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I generally start with 3.5 cups of flour about 1 cup of water and add more flour as necessary. I also make it in the traditional well method. Orecchiette is the traditional no-egg pasta dough that I'm familiar with. I generally add some olive oil and salt, but that's because I prefer the taste. Orechiette also uses regular AP flour and semolina (1/2 and 1/2). The most important thing is to make it wetter initially, because you can always add more flour. In my experience, egg-less dough is a little more delicate to work with.

You can also make pasta dough with just egg whites, if that's of interest.

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Suzanne is a trusted source on General Cooking.

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Yes CRS is right. I use the same ratio of semolina and AP and add olive oil, I make it in my food processor and it turns out well. Its similar to a crostini dough and tastes great.

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Most recipes for eggless pasta use semolina flour in place of part or all of the all-purpose. A 50/50 mix works well, I've found. Some recipes include salt or oil, but it's not necessary.

Otherwise, the process is much like making pasta with eggs: mix water (about 1/4 C per cup of flour) into the flour(s) by hand or in a food processor until it forms a ball, knead until the dough is uniform (at least five minutes by hand, less if you used a processer first), let it rest at least a half hour in the fridge (important), and roll out by hand or in a pasta machine. Or form into shapes by hand (pici, oricchiette, etc)--these are fun if you have time; children enjoy helping--it's like playing with PlayDoh.

The texture of the dough is somewhat firmer than egg pasta, and the cooked product has more chew.

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Have you ever tried potato gnocchi? It's very easy and my husband loves it! lots of recipes on the net...Basically, boil potatoes until slightly and then put through a ricer. add small ount of flour and a pinch of salt. roll strands tnen cut little pillows hat you boil for just a few minutes....delicious with any sauce!