When should I bake an apple pie?

I am going to bake an apple pie for Thanksgiving. When is the right time to bake? I prefer a pie next day, because the flavor settles and tastes better. It becomes a bit stale though. What do you think?



mayuchico November 20, 2011
Francesca and Greenstuff,

Thank you for your answer. I will do on Wed:)

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Greenstuff November 18, 2011
Many, many people make their Thanksgiving pies on Wednesday. We just had the same question a few days ago, and people generally agreed that the day before was fine. I guess I think you should do whatever will make your day happiest.
francesca G. November 18, 2011
I would personally bake the pie in the morning of Thanksgiving and leave it to sit until you dine in the late afternoon or evening. Is that feasible for your cooking schedule?
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