Grilling Chorizo

Just curious if anyone has tried grilled chorizo. I am thinking something simple like grilled skewer with chorizo, peppers and bread. I have used regular sausage so I am sure the chorizo will be fine but just looking for some feedback. Is it too hard of a sausage to grill?

Lucia from Madison


nogaga August 6, 2011
Hi Lucia, sounds like its Iberian chorizo... not deal for the grill... You can cook it in s guiso or cazuela (casserole?) on the grill
pierino August 6, 2011
If you are referring to a Portuguese type chorizo, for cooking you will want a semi-cured rather than hard chorizo. There are different styles. Chorizo is as vague a term as sausage.
Lucia F. August 6, 2011
Hi It is a Portugese chorizo...
nogaga August 6, 2011
I think it depends on which chorizo you have in mind. The Spanish chorizo, which is pretty much salami-like in texture, might dry out grilled, but Argentine chorizo was made for grilling!
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