Need Manhattan restaurant advice

Tomorrow I am meeting my daughter at her office (W36th/Fifth) and we have 7 PM tickets to see "Hair" at the St. James Theatre (W45th between 7th and 8th). We have a very short time in which to have dinner (supper actually; we don't have time for a long dinner), so I need recommendations for restaurants that might be on the way from her office to the theatre or not too far out of the way. Thanks, pickle pals!

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • August 8, 2011


ChefJune August 8, 2011
I've always liked the all you can eat hand made pasta at Becco. However, I ahven't been there in some while. Uncle Nick's Greek Restaurant has opened a new location at 382 8th Avenue (34th Street). You'll need to dine early in any case, but Uncle Nick's has great food.
sdebrango August 8, 2011
Carmines is on W. 44th and is kind of a NYC institution. Huge servings of Italian food, always very crowded but without a reservation you need to get there at 4pm to get a table. I have eaten their numerous times before a show, food is pretty good and if you get there early you are in and out quickly.

Carmines Theatre District NYC
200 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

sexyLAMBCHOPx August 8, 2011
drbabs, check out
Kang Suh Korean Barbecue
1250 Broadway (32nd St.)
Manhattan, NY 10001

delish! and have fun at Hair : )

Also, check out a reservation discount site (no coupons) for theatre district (and NYC) top restuarants. Pay $3-$10, make your reservation on-line, tell the hostess you booked with Savored and recive 30% off alcohol & food - no brainer!
Adam E. August 8, 2011
For something quick and delicious in that area, I would really recommend Korean food (it is New York's Koreatown). The Times recently did a round-up of the wide range of options:
Recommended by Food52