A question about a recipe: Raspberry Swamp Pie

I have a question about the ingredient "raspberries" on the recipe "Raspberry Swamp Pie" from amanda. Can you use frozen fruit or does it have to be fresh? Seems like this would be just as tasty in the winter when only frozen fruit is available

Sarah Fuller
Raspberry Swamp Pie
Recipe question for: Raspberry Swamp Pie


Amanda H. August 10, 2011
I haven't tried it with frozen fruit but I don't see why it wouldn't work, because even with fresh fruit, the fruit breaks down in the baking.
mainecook61 August 10, 2011
Only Amanda can say for sure as regards her recipe, but I do freeze raspberries in quantity from my patch and use them just like fresh (in baked goods) all year. (Do not defrost them.) Maybe you'd need 5 minutes more baking time.
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