Need a relatively simple vegetarian entree that I can serve for a shabbat dinner for 25, can't have any dairy since it will be served as an alternative to chicken, and it has to travel well and hold well as it will be plunked down on a buffett for service.

THANKS! (Hi food52'ers!)

  • Posted by: Aliwaks
  • October 15, 2010


drbabs October 15, 2010
I like pierino's dish, too; have saved it for when we get more squash from the CSA.
Aliwaks October 15, 2010
was thinking about eggplant parm, even with soy cheese maybe, but more I think about it more I like the middle eastern nature of Pierinos dish..
allie October 15, 2010
What about a riff on eggplant parmesan -- just make it without cheese? For example,

If omitting cheese, you might want to up the sauce a bit so it isn't dry.

Aliwaks October 15, 2010
DR.Babs.. totally heart those recipes too! do have to do a salad as well, will keep the lentils in mind.
Aliwaks October 15, 2010
Rock on Pierino! I think I can swing this even without tangine, (will be cooking it in a Deli using exotic equip like hotel pans) great flavors!!!
drbabs October 15, 2010
I've made this (frequently) without the goat cheese and it's delicious:
This salad has no dairy:; nor does this:
and they can both be served as main dishes.
pierino October 15, 2010
I faced this exact same conundrum one week ago and here is what I came up with, I believe this qualifies as pareve. But then I'm not Jewish, I just cook for Jewish holidays.
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