Side dish ideas

I need side dish ideas for chili-lime pork

Mama Jen


Happygoin March 8, 2019
Fennel and carrot slaw with lime and olive oil for dressing.
LeBec F. March 7, 2019
jen , help us help you.i dont know what chili lime pork is; it could be anything from a roast, a grill, a stew...! if it's a 52 recipe, plse link it; then i'll have lots of suggestions!
Ttrockwood March 7, 2019
-cuban style black beans and rice
- cilantro lime rice
- cabbage slaw with lime like this one
- green salad with lots of radishes, scallions, avocado
- sautéed mixed bell peppers with some garlic, red onion and smoked paprika, finish with fresh lemon juice
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